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Cheapest Electric Cars on the Market – 2022

Electric vehicles are all the rage and many drivers are now thinking about plugging in due to environmental concerns.  It may be the new way forward, especially with the  government’s statement that sales of new gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles will be prohibited beginning in 2030.

 The good news is that EVs are improving and that costs are steadily declining. With the rapid advancement of battery technology, affordable electric cars are quickly replacing the traditional diesel and gas guzzling  predecessors. Electric vehicles are now considered feasible alternatives for many people, even more so when one takes into account the decreased operating expenses, e.g petrol!

In Britain, sales of electric vehicles (EVs) are really starting to take off, and here at AVL we have provided our top 3 picks of the best affordable electric cars on the market. Check them out below and see how much you can save on a lease today. 

The Micro –  Mini 

One of Britain’s most recognisable cars has gone electric, that’s right, the Mini’s familiarity, easy driving, and affordability in the world of electric vehicles makes it our top pick. 


The electric MINI is less expensive than some top models of the fuel car because it shares a lot of its engineering with the BMW i3.

Electric doesn’t mean Mini have taken away their classic style. The cabin has the distinctive appearance we’ve come to expect from a MINI, and the features look both totally modern and slightly retro at the same time. The exterior features a few subtle details that subtly identify it as an electric vehicle while yet giving it the instantly recognisable MINI look.


Instead of attempting to compete with rivals’ long-range power packs, MINI has chosen to go with a relatively modest (32.6kWh) battery. This means you’ll need to charge up after roughly 145 miles. But given that the majority of UK cars are driven for less than 20 miles a day, this might be a great choice for your commute to work. 

If you are a classic car enthusiast with a green thumb you need to check out all of our Eletric Mini’s options here. Prices start from just £329.67 for a Brand New Mini HATCHBACK  

The Frugal – Fiat 500 

The Fiat 500 has really taken hold over the new generation, Fiat has reinvented its beloved vehicle and people either adore or loathe it.  Did you know that it is actually an ideal city car? With its electric invention being the latest reincarnation of the infamous vehicle . 


The New 500 may appear to be a makeover of the outgoing model, but it is actually an entirely new car. The larger 42kWh version has an amazing range of 199 miles which somewhat humiliates other big names in the electric world. 

Up to 85kW can be used for rapid charging (42kWh battery only), which is faster than standard top-ups and results in a 20–80% power in about 30 minutes.


This car is not for everyone, its compact design makes it one of the smallest vehicles on our list. When you save on price you also save in space which is most clearly highlighted in this model. 

Wanting to dash around town in an electric Fiat 500? Take a look at all our amazing options here.  With prices starting from £247.03  it’s one of the cheapest on this list. 

The Nimble – Nissan Leaf 

The Leaf may seem relatively old in the bustling world of electric vehicles, however it is still a functional and perfectly reasonably priced family hatchback that just so happens to be powered by electricity. 


There are two battery sizes available: 39kWh and 59kWh, the latter being more expensive. You will still get a solid 168 mile range and respectable performance even if you choose the 39kWh variant. Despite being the oldest model on our list, the Leaf still boasts plenty of technology and a respectable engine size to suit the family.


This car is now considered an older model, meaning that there are limited upgrades in terms of design features. However, it still is the perfect little vehicle for your budding family.

If this family sized car is for you, check out all our Nissan Leaf options here.  Lease prices reasonably start at £255.06  to £422.86 for the  59kWh model. 

We hope that this blog has helped you change gears on electric vehicles. If you want to see all our amazing electric and hybrid options, check out our website here. 

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