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/ 2022

Best Big Hybrid & Electric Cars, 7 Seaters or Above! – 2022

2022 has been a great year for electric and hybrid cars, with a greater selection available on the market than ever before. Many manufacturers have started to implement hybrid and electric vehicle technology across all their products. This includes seven-seater SUVs and MPVs, from small city cars and estates to sports vehicles. 

If you are looking for the ideal 7-Seater with room for all the family and want to save on fuel, we have got you covered. 

At AVL, we are taking a closer look at the range of electric and hybrid seven-seaters available on the market today.  If you are looking for your perfect eco-friendly family car, keep reading to find out our top picks. 

Volvo XC90: 


One of our oldest on the list, the XC90 is getting on in years, but this hybrid still packs a punch. It is set to be replaced by a new all-electric vehicle very soon, however, it may be worth getting your hands on it, as the horsepower on this spacious ride is 455! 

A full battery charge will potentially last around 41 miles of driving, which is pretty great considering the size of the vehicle. 


The main downside is the third-row seats are not the largest, meaning it can be a squeeze to fit everyone in. 

Price: Lease prices start from £863.15 for a brand new for 2023, XC90. 

Wanting a compact 7-Seater, check out all our Volvo XC90 options here. 


Kia Sorento: 


The attractive new Kia Sorento will make you wonder why you would need any other car! The interior is superb in terms of quality and design, and the plug-in hybrid powertrain can travel 35 miles on a single charge. 

Kia also offers a more basic hybrid that is remarkably economical but does not use a plug-in, check out all our hybrid Kia’s here


A similar problem as the Volvo XC90, the third row isn’t nearly as spacious as it could be. 

Price: Lease prices start from just £433.67.

If you are looking for your economic Kia, check out all our Sorento options here. 


Citroen e-SpaceTourer


The SpaceTourer is perfect if you are looking for extra room, with the number of seats increasing to eight or nine in some variants. The battery, which in this bigger and larger car will travel about 130 miles before it runs out. 

It is also considerably more enjoyable to drive because the motor is very silent and there is no vibration.


Unfortunately, the distance it can travel between recharges truly suffers from that larger, heavier, and less aerodynamic body.

Price: Prices start from £369.66  and go up to £471.73   

Wanting to travel to space? Check out our extensive range of Citroen e-Space Tourer’s here. 


Mercedes EQV : 


Wanting to travel in style whilst also being eco conscious? The Mercedes EQV with eight seats is the obvious choice. Mercedes estimates it will travel more than 200 miles on its 90kWh battery. Even while it may cost more to refuel than the majority of conventional electric vehicles, the V-Class continues to be more affordable. 

Every version includes a cutting-edge media system. It also comes with motorised sliding doors and a convenient split tailgate. Although the boot isn’t very large, there is a tonne of additional storage room behind the back seats, so transporting your family and all of the little ones belongings should be no problem.


This isn’t the cheapest vehicle on our list by any means, in comparison to the £62,000 petrol and diesel-powered V-Class, the Mercedes EQV starts at roughly £78,000.

Price: Lease prices begin at £747.16 and go up to £824.25  excluding VAT. 

Love environmentally conscious luxury?  Check out all our fabulous Mercedes EQV’s here.   


Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid:


This is the most recent Santa Fe model and the new kid on the block has power. This Hyundai is offered as a full hybrid or plug-in hybrid, with a 36-mile all-electric range, the plug-in version may be the more efficient of the two. 

If you can’t charge at home, the hybrid still offers excellent cabin quality, good fuel economy, and a lower price than the PHEV. The third row of seats is simple to access, but when folded down, they give a huge 571 litres of boot space if you don’t need them. 


With many hybrids, the situation is the same: towing decreases when a hybrid powertrain is in use. In comparison to the gasoline-only variants, the Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid’s towing capacity is reduced to 2,000 pounds from 3,500 pounds.

Price: This is the cheapest on our list, with pricing starting from £366.80

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