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Volvo Car Leasing With AVL


Volvo Car Leasing With AVL

The team of experts at AVL have got years of experience in the vehicle leasing game, and vast knowledge of the industry.

We love helping our customers across the UK with business and personal contract hires, and provide a range of different options on our website for Volkswagen car leasing.    

Volvo car leasing couldn’t be easier with AVL. We offer a massive selection of flexible and affordable Volvo car leasing options, with Volvo models to suit every UK customer. We also offer delivery to almost any UK address, with deals to suit every budget.

So, if you’re looking for a Volvo car lease with payments you can manage and afford, whether it’s for business or individual purposes, we’re here to help with our massive range of vehicle leasing and long term car hire options.

Volvo  Leasing Deals to Suit You

There’s no feeling like driving a brand new car, but buying one is often out of most people’s price range. However, with AVL, you can drive away or even have delivered a stunning new car, with a contract that suits you.

We have all kinds of Volvo leases available and we provide every lease deal with a professional and friendly attitude, and quality at the forefront of our operations.

Volvo Cars – Available Stock

Volvo are a leading global automotive manufacturer, and they’ve been consistently producing some of the safest and most innovative vehicles in recent history. 

Our Volvo stock of lease vehicles includes the S60, as well as the V60, and the XC40 which are all available to lease with flexible contract hires to suit your requirements and situation. 

Volvo offers something for every customer, from city cars to something a little bigger, and you can be confident in the level of craftsmanship and innovation within the vehicle thanks to the strong reputation Volvo has as a company. 

We stock a wide variety of models, so take a look and find yours today.

The Latest Volvo V90 Deals

Volvo V90 2.0 B4P Core 5dr Auto

Volvo V90

2.0 B4P Core 5dr Auto

£547.49 ex.VAT. £656.99 inc.VAT

Volvo V90 2.0 B4P Plus Dark 5dr Auto

Volvo V90

2.0 B4P Plus Dark 5dr Auto

£611.82 ex.VAT. £734.18 inc.VAT

Volvo V90 2.0 B4D Plus Dark 5dr Auto

Volvo V90

2.0 B4D Plus Dark 5dr Auto

£619.35 ex.VAT. £743.22 inc.VAT

Volvo V90 2.0 B5P Plus Dark 5dr Auto

Volvo V90

2.0 B5P Plus Dark 5dr Auto

£646.78 ex.VAT. £776.14 inc.VAT

The Latest Volvo XC40 Deals

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Industry experts and a professional service

As a vehicle leasing company, we’ve been operating for over 20 years and have supplied countless Volvo Cars to customers around England, Scotland, and the entire UK. 

As well as almost all models of Volvo available, we provide additional maintenance services within our leases and various other optional additional benefits, too. Our experience also means we have the best connections in the industry which enables us to find the best prices and get you the perfect leasing deal.

From Middlesbrough to Manchester, up to the heights of Scotland and down to Cornwall and beyond, we have the knowledge, expertise, and passion to ensure that you get the best contract hire deal possible on your lease.

Affordable, Flexible Contract Hire with AVL

At AVL, we have flexibility at the heart of every contract hire, with conditions to suit your situation. You can arrange your monthly payments over a period of time that works for you, so you don’t get any nasty surprises down the line and can plan accordingly. We also make choosing a brand new Volvo that suits your every requirement as simple as possible as everything is laid out in plain English before a contract is signed.

As a leasing expert, we’ve got bundles of buying power in the industry. This means we can find you the best deals possible, with lease options to suit you and your personal or business requirements. 

So, find yourself the perfect Volvo lease with a contract hire that suits you with AVL.

Company leasing and personal Volvo contract hires with AVL

Businesses can often require Volvo leases for a number of reasons, be it for their staff or wider operations in general. We have a wide range available for our highly valued commercial customers, with something for everyone.

We also offer Volvos for private individuals who want to drive around in a brand new car, so we provide fantastic lease deals for personal customers as well as commercial.

So, no matter whether you’re a business or personal customer, your perfect Volvo is just a click away. Take a look at our ever-changing special leasing offers.

Delivery of your Volvo across the UK

As well as a fantastic service and the best Volvos available, we also offer our customers delivery almost anywhere in the UK. Our head office might be in Teesside, but you certainly don’t need to live in our postcode to benefit from our fantastic Volvo lease deals and contract hires.

We’re experts in Volvo leasing, and our staff work with you to find the perfect brand new car for your requirements, with flexible contracts and delivery across the UK for maximum savings and efficiency. Our prices are among the best of the best so you can drive away or have delivered to your door your perfect Volvo with AVL today.

Expert, knowledgeable, and friendly

Our mission is simple. To find contract deals on Volvo models to suit you and your requirements, providing you with all the information you need before you sign anything. This means you not only get to drive a brand new Volvo, but you don’t have to worry about nasty surprises down the line.

As a company, we’ve traded for a long time and have vast knowledge and experience of the best car finance and leasing deals. Our staff are incredibly passionate about the car leasing service we provide and are also particularly friendly and accommodating, and we love the fact that we are well-known across the industry for our fantastic deals and equally fantastic customer service.

Contact us or browse our website today

Our staff are here for you if you need us, and we can help with everything you need to know about the leasing process. From benefits and information on Volvo leasing options to unique online deals, you are in the right place to find the perfect Volvo lease for your requirements.

We’re more than happy to talk over anything you’d like to talk about when it comes to leasing, from contract hire agreement terms to information on vehicle finance, as well as the payment options, insurance requirements, warranty info, and more.

Give us a call on 01642 793 444 to speak to someone straight away or email our team at with any sales enquiries you might have. 

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We look forward to hearing from you!

Whether you are leasing a car or van leasing we aim to make it as easy as possible to arrange a lease which works for you.


With special offers regularly available, you are in the right place if you are looking for a car or van lease at a highly competitive price. Contact us today to learn more or to arrange a free quotation. If you have any questions please call 01642 793444. We promise you the best service in the UK.