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How Long Does it Take to Charge an Electric Car / Van

Charging your electric car is one of the very few drawbacks of leasing an electric vehicle, but to be honest, it’s not really a drawback at all. It just takes a bit longer than sticking a petrol or diesel fuel pump in at petrol or service stations. 

But nonetheless, it’s still a deciding factor when people are looking to lease an EV, so we’ve decided to cover everything you need to know about charging your electric car or van in the UK. 

In this guide, then, we’ll look at the time it takes to charge an EV, the different chargers available, as well as the time differences between charging at home, charging at a charging station, and charging at a supermarket car park. We’ll also explore the cost to charge your EV and the difference in charge times between vehicle models and brands. 

Let’s start with charging your EV at home, using your electricity to create your very own personal charging station.

Electric Car Charging at Home UK – An Overview

If you’re wanting to charge your EV at your own property, you can plug your charger in using the electric power of a standard 2.4kW three-pin plug wall socket. You know, the same one you use to power your mobile phone, toaster, or microwave. 

As you might expect, though, this will result in a massive charging time with incredibly low speed, and will not only cost you more when it comes to energy bills, particularly the electricity, but will be a nightmare if you’re wanting to go for a drive. We’re talking up to 35 hours a charge, which obviously is well below acceptable for most people. 

So, you’re going to want to look at the different wall chargers available and choose one that’s suitable for your EV model, your lifestyle, and your budget. There are plenty of options to choose between, from untethered wall charging units to tethered, smart chargers and more, and each of them has pros and cons to consumption, power, and how fast they charge your vehicle.

Electric Car Charging at Home UK – How Fast Do Electric Cars Charge?

If you’re wondering how long it takes to charge an electric car in the UK, you need to consider the power available, the size of the battery inside your car, as well as your EV model and brand. It’s essentially a case of dividing the charger power by the size of the battery to get your overall charge time.

Sound a little complicated? Let’s look at some examples and break it down.

A Nissan LEAF has a battery size of 40kWh and with a 7kWh wall charger, it will take around 5 hours to fully charge. Compare this to say, a Jaguar I-Pace, which comes with a 90kWh battery, and you’re looking at 13 hours to get a full charge from the same appliance.

You can increase these times with a more powerful fast charger for the home, with a maximum output of 22KW currently available. With this much power, your charging speed will be around 40 minutes to get from 10% to 80% charge for the Nissan LEAF, and 75 minutes for the same amount of charge with the Jag. Both of which are seriously impressive.

How Long to Charge an Electric Car with a Rapid or Slow Charger?

If you’re wondering how fast you can you charge an electric car with a standard plug socket, or slow charger, you’re looking at 13 hours for the Nissan and over 30 hours for the Jaguar. Which is really slow. 

Alternatively, the time it’ll take for your Jag to get fully charged with a rapid charger capable of pumping out up to 50kWh, is more along the lines of 0% to 80% in about half an hour, which is incredible.

However, these rapid chargers aren’t available for the home, so you’ll need to get yourself to a rapid charging station to make the most of them, or if you own a Tesla, a Tesla supercharging station.

Charging at a Tesla Charging Station

There are over 42,000 public charging points across 15,000 locations in this country, ran on a number of different networks. Each network has a different speed for charging and different capabilities, but Tesla rules the roost.

This is because Tesla have been ahead of the curve since the beginning of the electric vehicle race, and continue to lead the way with both their innovation and tech. It’s no surprise then, that they also have a supercharging network available around the country which can charge your EV at a rate of 120kWh, which is staggering. 

This will get you up to 200 miles of range in a mere half an hour, and with YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and loads of games available with the Tesla infotainment system, you won’t get bored waiting to charge up. The costs for Tesla’s superchargers, however, are higher than fast charging points around the country, which is kind of understandable given the service you’re receiving. 

How Long Does an Electric Car Take to Charge at a Rapid Charging Station?

Rapid charging at a charging point in the UK isn’t just reserved for Teslas, however, because most rapid charging points from other networks will give you lots of bang for your buck. 

In fact, you’ll get anywhere between 60 and 200 miles from a half an hour charge when you go rapid, but that obviously depends on a few factors such as the size of your battery and the location of the charging point in question. Some of the charge points offer faster charge speeds than others, depending on the network you use and where you are in the country.

How Long to Charge My Electric Car in a Car Park?

And finally, we have car park charging points, which are dotted around the country and can be found at most supermarkets. 

The level of charge available at these charging points is increasing as the technologies improve, and you’ll always find at least a fast charger at these locations, if not rapid. This makes them useful and pretty efficient for a driver popping to do their weekly shop, as they’re able to charge cars and vans up to a decent standard within an hour. 

A fast charger, for example, should get your charge up to 80% in an hour, and a rapid charger will give you 80% charge in a mere 30 minutes, most of the time. 

No matter which you go for, however, you’ve definitely got enough time to get some shopping in while you wait.

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