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/ 2019

Car tax rates to increase in April this year – See How Much it Will Cost You

Drivers of new and old motors will be affected by the Vehicle Excise Duty, which comes into effect on April 1 – but not everyone will pay the same amount.

Drivers face another car tax hike this year as new charges take effect from April 1. The Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) was unveiled in the last Autumn Budget to account for inflation. While the spike will cost most drivers just £5 per year, some motorists could see their rate surge by as much as £65.
Drivers of new and old vehicles will be affected but not everyone will pay the same amount. The Autumn Budget 2018 document read: “From 1 April 2019 VED rates for cars, vans and motorcycles will increase in line with RPI.”

How much will you pay in the 2019 car tax rate rise?

The amount you will be charged will depend on how old your car is and how polluting they are. In some good news for motorists, the majority of people will only have to pay between £5 and £15.
Cars registered between March 1, 2001 and March 1, 2017 will only see a maximum rise of £15 added to their annual rate based on emissions levels.
Drivers of cars with emissions below 120g/km will not see any increase.
Cars registered during the same period with CO2 emissions from 121-130g/km up to 166-175g/km will pay an extra £5.
For cars with CO2 emissions from 176-185g/km up to 201-225g/km will pay a charge of £10, while cars with highest CO2 emissions face a £15 fee.
There will be no rate rises for zero-emissions new cars.

The rate of vehicle tax for cars registered before March 1, 2001 will depend on the vehicle’s engine size.
It is drivers of new vehicles that face the most costly hikes following tax rate changes in April 2017 and the introduction of a flat-rate charge.
For the first year, cars that emit more than 191-225g/km will pay £40 more and 226-255g/km will pay £55.
Cars that emit over 255g/km of CO2 emissions will pay the max £65 fee.
In the years that follow this, the new vehicles will be subject to a £140 charge for petrol and diesel cars.
The standard charge will be £130 for ‘alternative fuel’ vehicles such as hybrid cars.
Cars costing over £40,000 will have an additional £310 surcharge on top of the car tax rate.

Emissions (g/km) CO2 Increase on first year VED rate petrol and RDE2 diesel cars 2018-2019 Increase on first year VED rate for non-RDE2  diesel cars 2018-2019 Increase on alternative fuel cars 2018-2019
0 £0 £0 £0
1-50 £0 £0 £0
51-75 £0 £5 £0
76-90 £5 £5 £5
91-100 £5 £5 £5
101-110 £5 £5 £5
111-130 £5 £5 £5
131-150 £5 £15 £5
151-170 £15 £25 £15
171-190 £25 £40 £25
191-225 £40 £55 £40
226-255 £55 £65 £55
Over 255 £65 £65 £65