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Business Van Leasing

Business Van Leasing

We are Advanced Vehicle Leasing, or AVL for short, and we lease a massive range of vehicles on affordable contract hires for both personal and business customers.

We’ve got over 20-years-experience in the industry which has given us the knowledge, expertise, buying power and most importantly of all, a passion for all things van and car leasing.

Within this blog, we’ll let you in on everything you need to know about business van leasing, covering the benefits, costs, who needs one, and the differences between buying and leasing a van. 

Basically, we’ll cover everything you need to know before committing to a van lease for your business operations. 

Benefits of a Business Van Lease vs Buying a Van

There are many benefits of leasing a van for your business, starting with the obvious – cash flow.

Cash flow 

Cash flow is vital for any business, and costs can quickly add up when it comes to buying parts, stock, and everything else you need to make sure your business is viable. Take plumbers for example, overheads can range from boilers to pipes, not to mention fittings and tools, and these kinds of costs can be modified and applied to the vast majority of trades who need to use a van for their operations.

Also, when you’re self-employed or have a fleet of vans for your business, the cost of buying the vehicle(s) outright can be eye-watering. With a business van lease, you know the costs up front, and can account for them on a monthly basis thanks to fixed monthly payments. 

Rather than one enormous amount coming out at once (or a number of large amounts if you’re after more than one van), specific monthly payments come out when you know your cash flow can handle them.

All of this leads to a more streamlined revenue for you and your business, when compared to buying a van outright.

Tax Benefits

There are also a range of tax benefits when it comes to leasing a van for your company. 

The vast majority of businesses can claim 100% of the monthly VAT payment provided for a van business lease, which means you can pay and claim your VAT on a monthly basis, rather than being hit with a huge VAT bill at the start.

This is of course a fantastic benefit for any business, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the van you’re claiming for needs to be solely for business use to qualify for this VAT tax benefit.

Vehicle Maintenance 

Maintaining and running a vehicle can be another massive issue for van owners, particularly if a van is necessary for your business to prosper. 

Unexpected issues can arise no matter the age of vehicle and getting them repaired can be a nightmare in every sense of the word, from the wallet to the general headache that comes with a visit to the mechanic.

However, with a business van lease, services can be included in your contract, so any problems can be picked up on quickly and dealt with effectively, with no disruption to your operations.

A Brand-New Vehicle = A Good First Impression

Another key benefit of leasing a van for your business is the fact that you will receive a brand-new vehicle at an affordable price.

And it’s not just the peace of mind that comes with a full-manufacturers 36-month warranty or knowing your van is much less likely to require any attention or have any issues. It’s also about making a quality impression on your customers.

There’s nothing more concerning than seeing a tradesman pull up at a door in a van that looks like something from Trotters Independent Trading Co, so add that extra layer of professionalism to your operations with a slick, brand new vehicle. 

It puts your customers minds at ease and boosts your brands reputation before you’ve even got started on the job at hand.

What Kind of Businesses Need a Business Van Lease?

There are a massive range of different businesses that require a van for their operations, and thanks to all of the above benefits and more, should consider a business van lease.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Plumbers and gas engineers 
  • Bricklayers and construction workers
  • Electricians
  • Painters and decorators
  • Cleaning services
  • Removals companies 
  • Dog grooming services
  • Delivery drivers 

And more. 

Whether you’re one of the country’s many sole traders, growing more established as a ltd company, or own a fleet of vehicles with a number of staff, a van with a business lease is a cost-effective, smarter option in the vast majority of cases.

Get in touch with AVL to discuss your specific van or car leasing requirements, and we will find you something ideal for you and your business. Or browse our vans here to bag yourself the perfect van lease today.

Is a Business Van Lease Affordable?

Yes! The idea of leasing a van for your business might sound a bit daunting, but fixed monthly costs mean that you can absorb the costs and account for them on a regular basis.

There are no nasty surprises down the line with a van lease, as everything is agreed with up front in a contract that’s easy to understand. With AVL, we guide our customers through every step of the journey, and come up with a tailored, bespoke contract that works for you and your budget. 

We’ve got immense buying power and expertise within the van leasing industry thanks to years of experience, so we can provide you with the best of the best and something that suits your specific requirements.

You don’t have to worry about unexpected breakdown or servicing costs subject to contract, and the extensive 3-year manufacturer’s warranty that comes with our van leases provides that additional peace of mind around costs, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. 

A Wide Range of Makes and Manufacturers

Thanks to these years of experience, AVL are able to provide our customers with every single make and manufacturer of van produced for the UK market. 

We’ve built long-lasting and fruitful business relationships with some of the leading lenders and manufacturers in the UK, and have strong ties to brands such as Nissan, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Vauxhall, Ford, Renault and Mercedes.

This means that we can pass on fantastic discounts, working out the perfect price and agreement to suit you.

Special Offers with AVL

We also provide special deals that change on a regular basis and are therefore only available for a limited time. 

Some of the biggest brands are included in our special offers and you could land yourself with a van at a fraction of the monthly payments of what you’d expect to pay.

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We’re professional and passionate about the service we provide and have the knowledge to find you a business van that not only suits your budget but looks fantastic and is incredibly reliable. 

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