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/ 2022

Best Lease Cars for New drivers

If you have just passed your test, congratulations are certainly in order. You are now ready to get behind the wheel, but wait, what car really is best for you to be cruising around in?  

When purchasing your new ride, you will need to consider these main factors before going full speed ahead in your lease: 

  • Insurance bands – We all know that insurance rates for new and young drivers can be very costly.  Make sure to buy a car that is in a lower insurance band as it will help to reduce your overall costs per year.
  • Cost of the vehicle – Whether purchased, financed, or leased, a vehicle represents a large financial commitment, thus we have focused the below guide on selecting vehicles that have lower monthly lease expenses.
  • Fuel Economy – Due to rising diesel and gasoline pump prices, the cars we provide have exceptional fuel economy, offering more miles per gallon/litre of fuel.
  • Keeping Connected – The ability to play your tunes, download podcasts, or charge your phone is really important.
  • Driving and parking aids are also incredibly useful for new drivers, it can really save you from dreaded parallel parking mishaps. 

Here at AVL  we have compiled a list of cars perfect for brand new drivers. Take a look below at all of our top recommendations or if you already know which hot-ride you would like, take a look at our extensive list of lease options here. 

  • Kia PICANTO – For the in-demand designated driver 

The Kia Picanto is a great little city car that combines functionality and design. When looking for a first car, you want to make sure that your vehicle is a Group 5 or lower, the Kia Picanto does just that! 

The Picanto features five doors as standard, unlike many city cars, which is a huge plus for your passengers if they’re used to cramming into the back of a tiny three-door. 

All our models come equipped with Bluetooth® with Music Streaming, meaning you can fight over the song choice with your friends! 

If you hate hill starts, the Picanto has you covered, boasting Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) to help you even on the toughest of hills. 

Lease prices start from £144 and go up to £194 for the top of the line model, making it one of the cheapest options on the market. 

If the Picanto sounds like the perfect option for you, check out all our Kia PICANTO’s now. 

  • Toyota Aygo – For the environmentally conscious 

The Toyota Aygo is the ideal city car, providing beginner drivers with a secure and enjoyable driving experience without breaking the bank. It is extremely fashionable, has a fuel-efficient engine, and the inside is rather roomy and made of high-quality materials. 

The Aygo was designed specifically for commuting in urban areas, although it is also capable of handling itself at higher speeds in rural areas, so don’t underestimate it! 

The Toyota Aygo is also an extremely environmentally conscious option, having an Emissions Band A! 

Having only 4 seats, does mean that this car is on the smaller side when it comes to passengers but it sure makes up for it in comfort and style. 

Prices start from £144 excluding VAT. 

Get your hands on an Aygo today by visiting our website to see all our Toyota Aygo options. 

  • Fiat 500 – For the stylish rider

You either love them or hate them, that’s right it’s the FIAT 500.  We think that the Fiat 500 has undeservingly gotten a bad name for themselves. However, there’s a good reason why it’s so well-liked by some: most models have an efficient 1.2-liter engine that gives it more than enough power for its small body. 

The Fiat 500 is a fantastic, reasonably priced option for new drivers. It has strong but basic equipment fitted throughout, making it a very cheap option to repair if the worst does happen.

This pocket rocket is perfect for fitting into small spaces, having only 4 seats may be a drawback to some, but having a lighter weight means the car is quicker and subsequently will handle better.

With prices starting from £195 and going up to £300 for the more exclusive hybrid version, there really is a model for everyone. 

Take a browse at all our Fiat 500 options today.

  • Volkswagen Golf – For the Speed demons 

Coming in as our most expensive but arguably, best option is the Volkswagen Golf is a great leasing option if you’re searching for a stylish, dependable hatchback that performs on all fronts. A consistent  favourite with younger drivers for its edgy look and easy handling.

Offering R-Line, GTI, and GTD choices available for those seeking increased performance; there are great alternatives for every price range.

Our prices start from £272 and range up to £530 for more advanced models.  

Check out our range of latest Volkswagen Golfs here. 

If you want to step into the driver’s seat in one of our top recommendations or you have something else in mind, take a look at our vast range of lease hires on our website to find your dream first car.