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May04/ 2017

For more than 75 years the Jeep brand has been indelibly linked to freedom, adventure, authenticity
and passion. The brand’s unwavering commitment to strength and meaningful engineering has
helped forge an extraordinary, uncommon bond between the vehicles and their owners.

Jeep’s firmly behind its core value of “Go Anywhere, Do Anything” is a way of life opposed to just a slogan.

It all began in 1941 with the military commissioned Willy’s Jeep and still to this day Jeep still use the 7 slatted grille that was used on the original Jeep.

Today Jeep offer 4 different vehicles including the hugely popular Jeep Renegrade, 4×4 of the Year Cherokee, the rough and ready Jeep Wrangler and Jeep’s flagship Grand Cherokee which offers the unrivalled power of the SRT.



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