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Jeep Renegade

May31/ 2017

The freshly crowned “4×4 OF THE YEAR”, the Jeep Renegade uses the fantastic Jeep DNA and conbines that with a great day to day driver.

With room for up to five people to travel comfortably, a generous load space in the back and lots of ingenious storage spaces, the Jeep Renegade provides everything you need for maximum fun witout losing its practicality.

The Renegade is full of hidden design cues highlighting the cars unique heritage, filling the car with detail and giving it even more character. A nod to the petrol canisters carried on the original WWII Willys Jeep, the Jerry Can X shows in up in some of the most unexpected locations, together with the Sergeants Grill and the original 1941 Willys Jeep on the windshield to remind us where it all began.


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