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Alfa Romeo Guilietta

May07/ 2017

In 2010 Alfa Romeo reinvented the Guilietta for its 3rd time in its current form. This stylish medium sized hatchback comes in 4 different model levels and covers every drivers needs with a large selection of engines offering petrol variants from 120bhp to 240bhp and diesel variants ranging from the economical 120bhp to the performance diesel offer 175bhp. Alfa have given the 1.6 diesel engine the option of the Alfa TCT gearbox allowing the engine to seamlessly change up though the gears and deliver the perfect balance of performance and fuel efficiency which would suit either business or personal users.

The Guilietta comes as standard with Alfa Connected Live Services allowing you live traffic reports, music and social media updates all accessible through your finger tips on the intergrated touchscreen monitor. Bluetooth will allow you to stay connected to everybody whilst on the road.


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